Planning Application


This page remains only as a matter of public record and to ensure access to relevant documents is retained should they be required.

Please note - if you took part in the developers public consultation, you still need to lodge a separate objection with Lancaster City Council

To view the planning application made concerning Freeman's Wood, enter '18/01520/OUT' into the search box of the council planning website (immediately below:)

Objections can be lodged via this link or as an attachment via email.

Postal objections can be sent to:

Planning Department, PO Box 4, Town Hall, LA1 1QR

Viewing key information and navigating the council website

The key documents relating to the planning application can be viewed in the accompanying folder.

Alternatively, all planning documents (including other people's objections) can be accessed via this link

  • Enter '18/01520/OUT' in the search box and press enter.
  • Click on 'related documents to view documents or to lodge objection, click on 'make a comment.
  • The planning documents can be found on the oldest pages (navigate using arrow keys)

For more guidance, refer to the walkthrough video.

(Guidance on making postal and email objections is immediately above)

Writing your objection:

Reasons to object are of course, personal to you, but you may wish to consider the following issues:

  • New Quay Road lacks basic amenities such as a bus service, a local shop, a healthcare centre, school, etc. It is not a sustainable location for more housing.
  • 250 more houses will generate thousands of extra daily car trips on New Quay Road.
  • Lorry traffic associated with removal of contaminated soil and construction will create noise, air pollution and danger for residents of the quay and users of the Lancaster to Glasson cycleway and bridleway.
  • Freeman's Wood is designated as a local green space in the emerging new Local Plan.
  • More than 800 new homes have already been built or are under construction/have planning permission on the quay at St George's Walk and Riverside View. Very little green space has been included in these developments so it is even more important that Freeman's Wood remains as a local green space for recreational use by the growing local community.
  • It's the whole green space (a mixture of woodland, scrub and open grassland) that we value as a local community - not just the footpaths and trees around the edge.
  • The variety of habitats within Freeman's Wood as well as in the surrounding countryside makes it a haven for birds and other wildlife. Many of these habitats will be destroyed or degraded if the land is developed.
  • Roads within the development and the proposed cyclepath along the edge of Coronation Field and Lucy Brook would need to be well lit for public safety. However, lighting would disturb wildlife like owls and bats in the adjacent woodland.
  • Developing Freeman's Wood would increase disturbance of the adjacent Freemans Pools nature reserve and internationally important protected bird habitat on the nearby Lune estuary.
  • Developing Freeman's Wood would create pressure for a new access road across Coronation Field.
FFW Objection Letter.pdf

You can view the 17 page objection letter from the Friend of Freeman's Wood group here.

Please note, it is vital to lodge your own comments even if you feel this letter speaks for you!