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To preserve and enhance Coronation Field and Freeman's Wood for the people of Lancaster.

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Planning Application Withdrawn (Oct 2020)

FFW Press Release Appn WithdrawalOct2020 Final.docx

Success of the community campaign has had final confirmation as planning application officially withdrawn

Read the Lancaster Guardian story and the FFW press release to celebrate!

Freemans Wood SAVED! (Feb 2020)

As of Monday 10th February 2020 - Freeman’s Wood in the Marsh area of Lancaster has been successfully designated as a Town Green, following the unanimous decision made by a special sub-committee of Lancashire County Council.

Read the full press-release by 'Friends of Freeman's Wood' below

FFW Press Release 11.02.20 Town Green success.asd (2).docx.pdf

"The new status will protect this much-loved woodland from future development, preserving this important green space as a haven for wildlife and as a special place for local people to enjoy.”

Jon Barry, Cllr Gina Dowding and Cllr Mandy Bannon of FFW

Tree Damage at Freeman's Wood (May 2020)

On the 24th April, members of the local community were shocked to see bulldozers ripping out trees and shrubs on the boundary between Freeman’s Wood and the part of the industrial estate owned by Hurstwood Holdings. Freeman’s Wood is now protected from development as it has been awarded Town Green status following years of campaigning by Friends of Freeman’s Wood and local residents.

Mandy Bannon, Councillor for Marsh ward, said:

“I was shocked to find out about the tree destruction and contacted City Council Planning Officers straight away. They asked the developers to cease work, but the clearance continued despite this. A track has now been created along the boundary, and the removal of trees is clear to see. It’s heart-breaking - especially when the local community has worked so hard to protect this woodland as a natural green space.”

Jon Barry (who led led the campaign to secure Freeman’s Woods Town Green status) said “The destruction of dozens of trees and shrubs on the Freeman’s Wood boundary is mindless vandalism. It looks like the clearance work has affected trees which were covered by tree preservation orders and has encroached on the Town Green boundary too. It is especially upsetting that this demolition of wildlife habitat has taken place during the bird-nesting season. Many breeding birds will have been adversely affected, as will hedgehogs, deer, foxes and other animals that use the wood.”

The City Council has provided the following statement:

“Following complaints to the Council regarding damage and removal of trees, immediate contact was made with the developer, and a meeting has now taken place. “They [the developers] have been advised that the earth moving works and creation of a track do not have the necessary planning permission, and a full investigation [by the City Council] is taking place in respect of the removal and damage to trees in the area of the boundary between Freeman’s Wood and Lune Industrial Estate. It has been advised that any further works are now at their own risk.”

FFW Tree damage on boundary PR 5.5.20 MB Final.docx.pdf

Full statement on Tree damage

Friends of Freeman's Wood 5.5.2020