Images are mockups, actual t-shirts might vary slightly in terms of style and logo placement

Price list:

  • Adult T-Shirt £10 (mens/unisex or ladies fit)
  • Kids T-Shirt £8
  • Adult Hoodie (pre-order exclusive!) £18
  • Kid's hoodies (pre order exclusive!) £14

(read FAQ below to find out how much goes to Freeman's Wood Appeal - short answer = 100% of all profits)

Incredibly important info

You must fill in BOTH the order form section and the payment section. The form will prompt you to go to payment site, but if you need to, you can access that from this page as well (see below). You will need to keep track of the total cost of the order yourself. (read the FAQ if you are wondering why the order process is a bit complex)

Quite important info

The form below has all the sizes, fits and colours available. Please CAREFULLY read the sizing info as we may not have the stock to offer exchanges for the style/colour you want.

  • Hoodies are ONLY AVAILABLE as a pre order item.
  • There is a minimum 2 week wait for all items
  • We will arrange collection as soon as we've worked it out!

All items are available in two colours:

  • VOID BLACK (that's just black really)
  • WARNING SIGN RED (again, just your standard red)
  • All print is white, single colour on front of garment.

If you want to know why you can't have a pink t-shirt or black letters or a back print, read FAQ below

'satnam trespass warning sign red'
'endless void of nothingness black'

The two images above are taken from the genius graffiti slogan painted over one of the warning signs erected when Freeman's wood was fenced off. The design is simply the slogan as painted, separated from the background of the sign and reduced to a single colour. All credit must go to the unknown artist who we presume would approve of the cause.

If the embedded form below won't play nicely for you, you can click here to open in its own window where it should behave perfectly well.

Payment details:

If you've filled in the payments when prompted by the form, don't worry, just ignore this. If for some reason you didn't follow the prompt, then you can find the payment form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Freeman's Wood Appeal make on these t-shirts?

If we sell them all, then approximately £4.50 per garment will go to the appeal. The design, the sales, the distribution is all done voluntarily. The manufacture is done by a commercial company but they have kindly offered a 10% discount (equivalent to £50 donation)

If we sell all, we are hoping to make approx £500

What sort of t-shirts/hoodies are they?

They are made by Gildan and printed locally by a very reputable business. They are reasonable quality and should last a while. They aren't the shoddy t-shirts that will fall apart in the wash.

Links to t-shirts specs here: (Adult men/unisex, Adult women's fit (note, I suggest you buy at least one size larger - women's fit seemed v small compared to size claimed...), kids t-shirt, Adult Hoodies, Kid's Hoodies)

Why only red and black?

Because it gets too complicated to offer more colours. Red, because that's the colour of the sign the design is based on, Black because it looks good. Also because other colours might have required a different print colour which would have been a significant cost.

Why are some of the sizes weird?

I don't know. Why do I take size 8 in one shoe brand and 10 in another?

Why can't I buy a baby t-shirt?

Again, it's cost. The print design would need to be resized (I think) which would be an extra cost. I'm sorry. The smallest available item is the kids hoodies I think. (for some reason available in smaller size than kids t-shirts)

Will they be for sale again?

Maybe. If the appeal is successful, then maybe the FFW will need funds for more positive projects. That's for another day though... Right now, this is the best chance to get one!

My t-shirt/hoodie doesn't fit/I don't like it - what do I do?

We can't promise to have the size/style in stock for swaps. If it's in good condition and we can swap it, we will but we can't promise! If you want to chance it and wait for them to hit the shops, you can, but we can't promise your size/colour will stay available and no hoodies...

How do I actually get my t-shirt/hoodie?

We'll email you when they arrive. We'll come to some sort of plan... Either collecting from a shop, or an event or we'll even go down to the woods and all meet up and have a big t-shirt party like a right bunch of losers. We'll get it to you somehow.

Why is the order process fiddly?

Because to set up a proper online shop costs money (and time...) Golden Giving charge the least commission on payments and Google Forms is FREE! Therefore, you can be assured putting up with the slightly fiddly process is in fact a beautiful and selfless act by yourself, in aid of Freeman's Wood and all who sail in it.

Other merchandise?

While your here, we'd love to know if you'd also like to buy some other things to support the campaign:

Let us know below!